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Alberto D'Albora - General Manager
Born in the beautiful city of Naples, he has been working in tourism since the age of 19, as a free-lance tour guide and tour escort in Europe, Africa and China for several Italian tour operators. After graduating in Chinese Language and Literature, he continued with his studies in Beijing where he became enchanted by this rich and different culture. After spending one year studying and traveling in China he went back to Italy where he established his first travel company; an Italian DMC, which would later become one of the first European tour operators specialized in receiving Chinese tourists and delegations in Italy. At the end of 1995 he moved back to China to open the representative office in Beijing. The office brought the company closer to the Chinese tour operators, providing full assistance and 24/h customer service.In 2001 Alberto D’Albora and his partner Maria Salvati founded Jilitour Incoming Tour Operator and DMC, with its head office in Rome and the representative office in Beijing. The company is based on the vast experience of both partners in providing very high-level services to Chinese customers travelling all over Europe. In 2004 they established their China Inbound Office in Beijing providing services to Italian groups and delegations traveling to China and in 2010 they obtained the license to operate as an official Chinese tour operator under the name of “Beijing Jilitour International Travel Agency Co. Ltd.” After twenty years of both living and working in China, Alberto D’Albora is proud to be at the customer’ s disposal as the General Manager of the company.
Maria Salvati
She is the co-founder of Jilitour in 2001, along with her Italian partner Alberto d'Albora. Maria, acting as Commercial, Technical and Managing Director, is responsible for the Italian Company’s headquarters, located in Rome. Graduated in Chinese Language and Literature at Rome’s “La Sapienza” University, after her degree she completed a specialization at IsMEO (Italian Institute for the Studies of the Middle and Far East). Then she earned a Master’s Degree in Foreign Trade at ICE (Italian Institute for Foreign Trade). Moved by her passion for traveling and by the desire to promote cultural exchanges, Maria finally decided to go into business, in particular offering inbound services to Italy and Europe for Chinese political delegations, business travelers and tourists. Supported by an exceptional team of Italian and Chinese operators who share her passion for travelling and the challenge of designing unique and unforgettable trips with high quality services, Maria is committed to create tailor made trips, organized with extreme care in every single detail , leaving her clients the “desire to come back” . Maria’s dream is to keep her business growing healthy, continuously improving the company’s offer, with modern and top quality products; organizing trips for those who love to feel welcome everywhere. 
Maurizio, born and raised in Naples, after a long experience as accounting manager in his own family’s company, decided to move abroad. His passion for travels and tourism led him to live and work in North Europe and North Africa with Alberto D’Albora for a while. In 2001 he decided to move back to Italy, in Rome, to support Maria Salvati and Alberto D’Albora in starting up their new experience, being the Administrative Director of Jilitour.
Paolo Ye was born in Anhui province China. He graduated from UET European Tourism College, major in Tourism Management. After graduating, Paolo joined JILI TOUR in Rome- inbound Department. From 2007 till now he has worked for JILI TOUR Rome in charge of the operation and management of their inbound department. During his 6 years working in a travel agent, he has gained an abundance of experience and developed a wide range of skills: an expert at organizing various FIT & Groups tours, MICE groups etc; well adept at designing tailor-made tours according to client’s requirements especially for VIP guests who have various demands; calm and decisive under pressure and in emergency situations; an excellent communicator; builds and maintains good relationships with both clients and partners; fluent in Italian , with a good English level.
Anna was born and raised in Rome. She attended Rome’s “La Sapienza” University, where she earned a bachelor degree in Oriental Languages and Civilization, with specialization in Chinese Language and Literature. In 2010 she attended Beijing Foreign Studies University. Since 2013, she has been teaching Chinese language and culture in a high school in Rome. In 2015 she started working for both Jilitour and Sinaforum.
Liu Yang
Liu Yang was born in Liaoning province, China. He graduated in International Finance. After graduating, he came to Italy to study Tourism and Hotel Management. In 2015 he started working for Jilitour in Rome, mainly for the incoming department. He hopes to cooperate with Jilitour's professional team to give clients a beautiful travel experience.
Raffaella is from Rome. She graduated in Oriental Languages and Cultures at “La Sapienza” University of Rome with specialization in Chinese Language and Culture. In 2009 she studied Chinese language at Fudan University in Shanghai. From 2010 to 2012 she studied in Urbino University and she earned a degree in Intercultural Business Communication. In 2014 she started working for Jilitour, and she is responsible for the marketing activities.