China “GOURMET TOUR” in Beijing, Xian, Canton, Shanghai

China “GOURMET TOUR” in Beijing, Xian, Canton, Shanghai  


August 19- 31 2008 - 30pax


In cooperation with Dedalus viaggi and “Maccheronia Food Association”, Jilitour created a special itinerary focused on the best food Chinese cuisine has to offer.


Purpose of the visit:
a) The guests requested a special itinerary where they had the chance to try and appreciate real Chinese food.
Throughout the tour, every single restaurant and relevant menu was carefully chosen top provide the typical food of the region.


Significant Meetings:
Meeting with the President of Maccheronia Association Mr. Antonio Fiore and the Italian Ambassador in Beijing.


Main Events:
a) Visiting the kitchen of the restaurants to better understand the Chinese way of cooking.
b) Guests had the chance to cook some Italian dishes by themselves while visiting a famous Italian restaurant in Beijing.
c) Our most brave and curious guests had the chance to try Chinese “extreme” cuisine during the visit of Canton, the most famous city in South China. Fried Snakes, boiled turtles, sautéed cockroach, steamed crocodile, were some of the dishes served to them.


Services provided by Jilitour:
Land services and logistic including hotel accommodation, bus, transfer in-out, cities tour, Italian speaking tour guides; FOOD!